St. Johns County parents given options for how students return for 2020-2021 school year

Anchor Phil Amato explains what each option means in the above video

St. Johns County Back-to-School Plan

On Thursday, parents in St. Johns County were given four options for how students can return to school this fall.

In a letter, Superintendent Tim Forson said the district has come up with “flexible options” for reopening schools after hearing feedback from parents, teachers and business leaders. Read the full letter here.

Below are the options provided in the letter:

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OPTION 1: School-Based Brick & Mortar. No action necessary; your school will be in contact regarding next steps.

OPTION 2: School-Based Distance Learning. Please complete the School-Based Distance Learning Registration Form

OPTION 3: St. Johns Virtual School. Contact St. Johns Virtual School to enroll.

OPTION 4: Home Education. Contact the District’s Guidance & Choice Department to enroll.

Parents must pick an option for their child by July 15. If parents do not pick an option by that deadline, Forson said in the letter that the school-based brick & mortar option will be chosen for the student.

“On August 1, 2020 a decision will be communicated on how our schools will proceed instructionally under Option 1- School-Based Brick & Mortar, based on the level of community spread,” Forson said.

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