State investigating Fernandina Beach gas station for allegedly selling tainted gas

Station told to "stop selling" gas in Fernandina Beach

NASSAU COUNTY, Fla. — The state is investigating a Fernandina Beach gas station for allegedly selling tainted gas. Several gas samples have been taken after one customer told Action News Jax that water in the gas cost him hundreds in repairs.

Alan Rossmeissl has an older car.

Action News Jax Investigates: Tainted gas sold to Jacksonville-area drivers

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“I love this car. It’s a dinosaur. I know, just like I am,” Rossmeissl said.

But he likes his 2004 Toyota Camry. And he said he’s never had trouble with it until recently, when he got gas at Flash Foods at Sadler and 8th in Fernandina Beach, on March 31.

“I turned the key and the check engine light blinked, real quick and then it went right back out,” Rossmeissl said.

About a block away, Rossmeissl said his car started to shudder.

“The car was really idling really rough, and I was afraid it was going to die,” said Rossmeissl.

He said his car was later towed to a local dealership, where it cost him nearly $700.

“They checked it out and said, 'Oh yeah, you definitely got water in there,'” he said.

Rosmeissl reached out to Circle K, which owns the gas station – and was sent a letter saying it hasn’t received any other complaints, and he wouldn’t be getting reimbursed.

But on Facebook, at least two other people said they’re having issues with their cars after recently getting gas at this location. Including one man who said he’s out $1,200.

In February, an Action News Jax investigation found nearly 300 stations in Florida were caught with high levels of water in the fuel they were selling for the last two years. In our area, 13 stations were cited, some multiple times.


“I just want my out-of-pocket expenses, I’m not looking for anything else,” Rossmeissl said.

No matter where you fill up, state officials say to always keep your receipt. Rossmeissle said he had to dig through the trash to make sure he had his.

This little paper is key evidence if you get a bad tank of gas – and may be the one thing standing between you and getting reimbursed.

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