State leaders warning about sophisticated e-mail scam

JACKSONVILLE, Fla — Local families say their phones are ringing off the hook with calls from would-be thieves.

One man told Action News Jax, “You don’t want to use technology anymore. I don’t want to use my electronics anymore. I want to go back to putting notes on birds.”

Florida’s Attorney General Ashley Moody is warning about e-mail hijacking, an evolved form of phishing attack.

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The office sent out an alert, saying scammers are accessing ongoing e-mail conversations and sending new links where victims are providing personal information.


Tom Stephens with the Better Business Bureau said they’re constantly getting reports of families losing money to these types of schemes.

He explained that typically, offshore criminal rings are behind the hacking, making it nearly impossible to stop.

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“They could convince people they’re the IRS and get you to send them money.

They could convince people that it’s their mortgage company," Stephens said.

He said always make sure you have the latest virus protection for computers, don’t click on the link in the e-mails, and beware of anyone asking for a form of payment like Google Play and Apple cards.