State of Florida making easier process to get concealed weapons permit

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Concealed weapons are tucked in waistbands, holstered around ankles and stashed away.

According to the Department of Agriculture, nearly 2 million concealed weapons licenses were issued this year alone.

Now, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is helping to make the process easier for gun owners.

Fried said her office is processing about 20,000 permit applications a month, representing a 76% increase in 2019.

Rocky Rukab, who owns a local gun shop on Jacksonville's west side said the decision to make the process of getting a concealed weapon permit easier is good news.

“It just enables the people who apply to get their permit quicker and to be able to express their Second Amendment right,” Rukab said.

In a Twitter post, Fried said the move will make things more efficient and accountable.


“You can come in and purchase one the same day once you have your permit. Otherwise you have to wait three business days in between the day of purchase and the day of pickup,” Rukab said.

The Department of Agriculture said review time for people with no prior arrests or prosecutions has been reduced from 50 days when Fried took office in January to only one day in July.

Rukab said it’s a tough call to make.

“I doubt if they can do a background check in one day but, as long as she is doing her job, it is better for the consumer,” Rukab said.

Not everyone agrees with the change.

Dozens of people online say they’re worried about people getting permits quicker.

Rukab said his shop, St. Nicholas Gun & Sporting Goods, offers many different types of guns. He said it also offers a concealed weapons course that teaches people how to handle their guns.

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