Stolen Amazon packages found in dumpster, third party delivery driver suspended during investigation

1/16/19 UPDATE: 

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed with Action News Jax reporter Christy Turner that a driver employed by a third party delivery service has been suspended pending an investigation into the dumping of packages opened and discarded.


The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said a dozen Amazon packages were found opened and discarded in a dumpster.

The packages were discovered at a construction site in South Ponte Vedra on Jan 12., nearly 30 miles away from where they were supposed to be delivered in Orange Park.

The victims told deputies their packages showed “out for delivery” with a delivery date of Jan. 13. Deputies believe the delivery driver was the one who opened and dumped the items.

The report said the packages included various items, like a soft knee brace, peanut butter, and hair dye, among other things. The packages were worth $415 combined, according to deputies.

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The Sheriff’s Office said they contacted the local Amazon distribution center and were “repeatedly told they would never be able to determine who the delivery driver was.”

Action News Jax reached out to Amazon. The company said it’s investigating the matter and sent a statement that reads, “This does not reflect the standards we have for delivery service partners. We are working with law enforcement to investigate and will work with customers directly to make things right.”