Student arrested after gun found at Raines High School

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says a 15-year-old was arrested after he brought a gun to Raines High School Tuesday.

A tip led police to the student, who was in the school gym.

When police searched him, they say he began to resist.

He then made several statements to officers including, “On my brothers grave, he was going to kill us.”

Newly released numbers by the Florida Department of Education show in the 2016-2017 school year, 30 weapons possessions were reported, 12 of those were firearms.

Other statistics included:

  • 4,315 Fights
  • 6,117 Physical Attacks
  • 416 Drug Use/Possession
  • 43 Alcohol Incidents
  • 30 Weapon Possession (12 of which were firearms)
  • 55 Sex Offenses
  • 7 Sexual Assault
  • 112 Trespassing

The Duval County Public School district sent Action News Jax the phone script of the robo call sent out to parents:

"Good Afternoon Parents and Guardians of William Raines High School. This is Principal Hall calling to inform you that this afternoon, we received a student tip about another student bringing a weapon to campus. School administrators and Duval County School Police immediately investigated the claim and performed a search. A firearm was discovered in a student’s possession and was confiscated. The student was taken into custody and arrested, and will face criminal charges as well as possible expulsion.  No students or staff were threatened or harmed during this incident. While we are very pleased with the responsiveness and cooperation of our students, staff and security teams, we request your continued parental support. Please speak with your children and let them know how much we appreciate them sharing tips like this with us. We strive to maintain a safe and secure environment, and trustworthy relationships and open communications between students and staff make all the difference. Also, please remind your students never to bring weapons on campus. We ask that you monitor your child’s belongings and the items he or she may bring to school. Please continue to partner with us in keeping Raines High School a safe and effective learning environment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (904) 924-3049. Thank you and have a great afternoon."