Students in Camden County, Ware County kick off day 1 of new school year

KINGSLAND, Ga. — Thousands of students in Ware and Camden counties said goodbye to summer and welcomed the new school year Monday morning.

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Action News Jax brought the coverage to you live from Kingsland, Georgia, as kids walked in with their backpacks and lunch boxes in hand.

Amanda Klinner is the mother of a first-grade student.

“I just really hope for a successful first-grade year for my boy and a safe year,” Klinner said.

Klinner said her son was excited to see friends he had missed.

“I feel like summer was super short,” Klinner said.

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Mandy Wells is a mother of five.

“We just moved here,” Wells said. “So they are excited to get to know some new friends.”

As Wells puts it, it’s all about balance.

“It’s about learning and growing,” Wells said. “I want them to have fun too while they learn.”

Local father Andrew Hopkins told Action News Jax about the change he hopes for across the district. He has a child in first-grade.

“I’d like to see more armed people at the front gate,” Hopkins said. “Whether it be the sheriff’s office or private security even.”

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This morning was a big reminder for drivers to pay attention to school zones.

So be ready to slow down as our local districts head back to school.

There is a change in the district that parents will want to take note of.

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Over the last two years, breakfast and lunch were free for students.

In the current school year, breakfast will remain free for students.

Here is what the district says will change:

For those who qualify for reduced price meals for lunch, the price will be $0.40.

The full-paid prices for lunch will be as follows:

  • High school/ninth grade center: $2.35
  • Middle school: $2.10
  • Elementary: $1.95

In addition, for the school year 2022-2023, Camden County Schools request that all families complete and submit a Free and Reduced Meal Application every year after July 1 if they believe their child or children are eligible. Applications are open now. It is important to apply before school starts so your child does not incur charges. The application can be completed online via this link: MySchoolApps.com.