• Students in Lake City issue their own #FirstAlertWx forecast


    LAKE CITY, Fla. - When students and teachers at Melrose Park Elementary School need to know what the recess weather is like, they use their own personal weather station.

    "It's says right here cloudy. And it has the temperature outside, that is 83 degrees," Hunter Neeley said.

    Students at Melrose Park Elementary are getting a first-hand look at the weather by using this in-school weather stem program.

    Melrose Park is the only school in Columbia County with this technology.

    Kimberly Taylor is a Fifth grade teacher at the elementary school.

    "We were the ones that were chosen because our school has the teachers that do the most hands-on in science in Columbia County,” Taylor said.

    But this lesson isn’t confined to the classroom.

    Students can access the weather data anywhere by using an app and the web.

    They are learning to measure rainfall, wind speed, and humidity.

    They can even and identify different types of clouds, using a special camera with both live and time lapse capabilities.

    “In 53 seconds my kids can see all those clouds -- stop and discuss -- talk about the weather that is coming,” Taylor said.

    Everything students are learning through the weather stem meets state curriculum standards.

    “It has a layout of what it’s going to be for the next few days,” Hunter said.

    Just like the First Alert weather team, giving you the most accurate forecast in northeast Florida.
    Melrose Park’s weather stem gives students the tools needed to issue their own first alert, better preparing their classmates for the school day -- and of course, recess.

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