• Surveillance shows man lurking outside Riverside home

    By: Beth Rousseau , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Vince Koren said he doesn’t check surveillance video from his home security cameras often.

    He told Action News Jax: “Normally I don’t look through it daily, unless there’s a reason, like something got broken into or there’s a package.”

    The local dad found more than a package on the footage earlier this week while the family was away from their home in Riverside.


    He described: “I noticed there was a guy on the porch and I thought, well, he’s just lost. Then I noticed it was 3 a.m.”

    According to Koren, the man lingered for 45 minutes.

    Video shows the man coming and going, trying the house door handle and lock on the shed.
    Spotlights were shining right on the man.

    “I would think most people would say, 'I’m uncomfortable, I need to leave.' So, if they’re not uncomfortable with that, it makes you think maybe their mind is altered by drugs or something else,” Koren explained.

    He added that the security cameras have captured others lurking around the home before. 

    Neighbors said a lot of people walk though the area.

    “There are people that have had their cars broken into and I have a feeling that people come around almost nightly checking handles,” the homeowner said.

    The video has been posted to the Nextdoor app so neighbors are aware.

    “I’m security-conscious. I’m always looking around, aware of your surroundings, that kind of stuff,” Koren said.

    He called police and gave officers a portion of the video.

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