• Surveillance video shows shooting that killed Jacksonville father of five

    By: Courtney Cole , Action News Jax


    New information tonight on the deadly shooting of a local father of five.

    Action News Jax Courtney Cole learned what investigators say started the deadly argument between Derrick Hartley and William Broadnax.

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    If you press play to view the story, you’ll see surveillance video that shows the moments leading up to Derrick Hartley's death.


    Witnesses say Hartley and William Broadnax got into an argument after Broadnax backed into the victim's car.

    In the video you’ll see above, we've highlighted Hartley in the white.

    You can see him shove Broadnax—and begin to back away.

    We stopped the video at a certain point, because it shows the man who police say is Broadnax—shoot Hartley multiple times.

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    And while Hartley lay on the ground, Broadnax walked over and hit and kicked him.

    Action News Jax Courtney Cole showed the video to our Action News Jax Law and Safety Expert, Dale Carson.

    Cole asked him if Broadnax's behavior could be considered self-defense.

    “Self-defense is when I'm coming for you. That is presumably self-defense. But if I don't have a weapon and I'm only using my fists, can you shoot somebody that's going to strike you? I don't think so,” Carson said.

    The manager at the internet cafe showed us the surveillance video in its entirety.

    According to the JSO arrest report, Broadnax drove home after the shooting and was arrested.

    “Based on what I'm seeing here, that's what we call second-degree murder. It's where you're just mean and angry. And that is reflected when you walk up to someone who's been shot four or five times based on the illumination of the bullet blasts — and hit him while he's on the ground,” said Carson.

     Right now Broadnax is being held in jail without bond for second-degree murder.

    He’s expected to make his first appearance in court on April 23.

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