• Surveillance video shows suspect lurking on Jacksonville porch before burglary

    By: Danielle Avitable , Action News Jax


    A thief was caught on home surveillance video peeking into a family’s home. Then about a minute later, the thief can be seen running out the front door with stolen goods.

    “It makes me angry. It makes me want to go get a gun,” homeowner," Eloy Bazaldua said.

    A man can be seen on Bazaldua’s home surveillance video knocking on the family's door, ringing the doorbell and looking through the windows moments before their home was broken into.

    “It definitely feels like an invasion,” Bazaldua said.

    After getting a call from his wife that someone could be seen on surveillance video at their front door peeking into windows, he said he rushed home.

    “As soon as I pulled into the driveway and opened the door I could hear the security system blaring,” Bazaldua said.

    The side door was kicked in.

    “He broke in through the side door, ran in and stole whatever he could,” Bazaldua said.

    He checked the rest of his surveillance video and saw the man running out the front door with something under his arm.

    “He’s holding a jewelry box that belongs to my wife,” Bazaldua said.

    The video and pictures were then posted to their neighborhood’s Nextdoor app and he said several neighbors contacted him saying they believe this man may be tied to at least two other home burglaries in the area.

    “It was shocking to me that this guy is all over the place and hasn’t been nabbed yet,” Bazaldua said.

    Action News Jax contacted the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and sent the office a picture of the man in the surveillance video, asking if the police were searching for him, but we haven’t heard back from JSO yet.

    In January, we reported about a string of home and vehicle break-ins in this same area, and the state attorney’s office believes that the same group of people is behind the crimes throughout the county.

    Action News Jax contacted the state attorney’s office about this man and they don’t believe he is connected, but they are looking into the case.

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