Survey reveals gym equipment has higher bacteria count than public bathrooms

Eating healthier and losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution according to a poll from the Better Business Bureau. However, a new study on workout facilities shows the health hazard hidden in the equipment.

FitRated released a survey that proves most gym equipment is more bacteria-ridden than public bathrooms.

The report shows measurements for 27 pieces of equipment commonly found in a workout facility. Among the findings, treadmills have 74 times the bacteria than a water faucet in a public bathroom, and free weights have 362 time more bacteria than a toilet seat.

“Just don’t leave around and stuff like that and if you sweat a bunch on a piece of equipment try to sanitize that and wipe it down,” said Snap Fitness Client Trey Catman.

Snap Fitness in Riverside told Action News Jax they are preparing for the uptick in clients for the start of the new year. They also said their staff is fully trained on facility cleaning procedures.

“All the way from the floor to the ground up, the walls and everything needs to be cleaned, at all times, and it’s just a habit we get into to,” Snap Fitness manager Chris Wright said.

Wright said they have spray bottles of cleaning solution and disposal towels for each client to clean their equipment after each use. He said their staff will come in each morning and do a full wipe down as well.

“We’ll spray down the machine and wipe it from head to toe, even the feet,” Wright said. “Everything has to look clean and smell clean. If only half the machine is clean and half is dirty, that sends the wrong message, that brings people down.”