• Suspect in custody after stolen laptop appears on Craigslist

    By: Brittany Jones


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A local woman is rejoicing after getting her laptop back after an accused thief stole her laptop and tried to sell it.

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    Dana Chen said she was looking to buy a MacBook Air laptop for a friend but she had no idea the person on the other side of the computer was trying to sell a stolen one.

    It all started with a laptop, Dana Chen was in the market for a computer for her friend. She searched Craigslist, where she thought she could find the best deal.

    "He wanted $650 for it," said Chen.

    She said that's a cheap price, for a $1,000 computer, so she met up with  21-year-old Amir Osmanovic to buy it. But she says for some strange reason he couldn't log in to the computer.

    "It all just seemed really shady," said Chen.

    Chen said he tried to lower the cost after she saw the name as the administrator on the computer was Dawn Owens.

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    Chen said Osmanovic told her, Dawn Owens is his brother's name.

    She wasn't buying it so she searched Facebook and found Owens.

    "I got a Facebook message from a mutual friend asking me if my laptop had been stolen," said Owens.

    Owens said her laptop had been stolen out of her book bag in her car the night before.

    "The charger, laptop, the terabyte, all of it's gone. It's just gone," said Owens.

    Action News learned Osamonavic was cited for two counts of driving without a license causing death or bodily injury in 2012.

    Police said it happened late Wednesday evening after Chen agreed to meet with Osmanovic for a second time. Chen and Owens waited until police arrived before Chen decided to got out of the car.

    But Owens said thanks to Chen, Osamonavic is off the streets. He was arrested and taken into custody.

    "I'm thankful that we still have good people," said Owens.

    Osamonavic is still in jail facing charges of dealing stolen property. His bond is not listed at this time.

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