Suspect steals SUV and hits parked car in Jacksonville neighborhood

Suspect Steals SUV and hits parked car in Jacksonville neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A Jacksonville family says someone stole an SUV right out of their driveway, and they caught it on their home surveillance camera.

It happened at a home in the Sandalwood area about 5 Thursday morning.

The video shows are person who appears to be a teenager, walk up and get inside the unlocked SUV.
After a few moments of rambling around inside, the suspect drives off.

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While backing out of the victim's driveway, the suspect hit a neighbor's parked car.

Casey Kelley owns the stolen SUV.  Kelley said, "He looked so young and that's what's so hurtful because it's just a kid."



"With kids, they need guidance and that guidance is knowing where your child is at five in the morning," ​​​​​​Kelley added, "Why is your child out of the house and breaking into cars and stealing cars at 5 o'clock?"

Kelley believes the suspect found a valet key fob inside the SUV to start it up.

Another neighbor's surveillance camera also spotted a small sedan in the neighborhood around the same time the SUV was stolen.

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