Suspected serial armed robber arrested in Jacksonville

Suspect linked to 11 armed robberies in 6 weeks

A suspected serial armed robber is off the streets after police say he hit up at least 11 businesses in a six week span.

The suspect, Lumort Simmons,  was recently released after spending 22 years in prison for armed robbery.

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Going from business to business hitting up a Domino's to a gas station and seven food marts.

“As soon as I turned my head there was a gun pointed at my head.”

Several employees who were at the store did not want to be identified fearful after the ordeal.

“I actually felt in those couple seconds he was actually going to shoot me in the head, there was no hesitation he knew what he was doing. This wasn’t his first time,“ one man said.


The police report says after multiple witness statements and the same car description a DAVID search by JSO pointed to Simmons.

Then in late April, a judge ordered a cellphone and vehicle tracker warrant for Simmons. But the robberies continued.

Another man who also did not want to show his face opened up about the night his store was robbed.

“He stole actually quite a lot of money from the register, not really sure how much.”

He says the robber pretended to be a customer before pulling out his gun.

But it wouldn’t be until three robberies later, JSO would finally nab Simmons and another man at Ron’s Food Mart early this month.

The report says that other man was arrested after he admitted to being the lookout and driver for all 11 robberies.

The suspects mother spoke with Action News Jax on Wednesday. She says that she does not condone criminal behavior.

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