• Teen boy found dead in driveway, no arrests made

    By: Russell Colburn


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Police say they found a teen boy shot dead near a driveway on the Northside. 

    The teen was identified as 16-year-old Jonathan Rayshad Thomas, according to Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Melissa Bujeda. 

    No arrests have been made in Thomas' death and the investigation is ongoing, Bujeda said.

    Hours after the shooting investigation began, a SWAT team situation unfolded and two men were taken into custody.

    Cynthia Barton lives on Detaille Drive near where JSO said Thomas' body was found.  She waited anxiously behind the crime scene tape for about 4 1/2 hours.

    "[I'm] nervous," Barton said.  "My mother is there and she's alone, so I want to get home and make sure she's OK."

    Barton was eventually escorted back to her home by police. But before that, she said her 86-year-old mother took cover as SWAT officers moved through her yard, rifles at the ready.

    The activity came hours after the initial suspicious death call around 2:30 Thursday morning.

    Action News asked Barton if she's ever seen anything like this in her neighborhood.

    "Not on this side of town, no," she responded.  "This has never happened in the 30 years that I've been living here.  We've never had a shooting on our street, never."

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