"The Walking Dead" to be filmed in Jekyll Island

Scenes of "The Walking Dead" will be filmed in Jekyll Island this month.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources gave Stalwart Films the thumbs up to shoot several scenes on Jekyll Island come mid-August.

Stalwart produces AMC’s hit “The Walking Dead” and a spin off series “Fear of the Walking Dead.”

Just the thought that the all-star cast could be coming to The Peach State is exciting for local people.

“I think it’s great,” Laurie Butch said.

One of the main film sights will be at Driftwood Beach.

According to the outline, four of the actors will be walking along the sand when they see a human corpse half buried in a tidal pool like this one.

Down the beach, they say there’s going to be someone who washes ashore, has to be revived, then makes a break inland without rescuers even noticing.

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It’s no surprise Driftwood was chosen. There’s plenty of menacing trees that give off a creepy vibe.

“They’re just being dead and laying here. They’re all twisted and mangled and it seems like they’ve been here eons,” Jones observed.

Another scene sight – the marshes east of Riverview Drive.

Just another victory for Southeast Georgia, which has seen its fair share of Hollywood.

“Anchor Man 2” starring Will Ferrell, was shot a couple of years ago on St. Simons Island.

“Live by Night” starring Ben Affleck, was shot in downtown Brunswick.

With unbeatable tax credits and a scenic backdrop, the Golden Isles is the place to be.

“It will be good for the economy and just to show the beautiful side of Georgia.”

The Golden Isles is expected to be busy for quite some time. The convention and visitors bureau is currently in talks with Marvel and FOX about filming.