Thief with 'Peace' written on sweatshirt breaks into St. Augustine restaurant

Restaurant break-in suspects

ST. AUGUSTINE BEACH, Fla. — Police say an accused thief didn't take his own advice.

A strange wardrobe choice from a thief, caught on tape. He has a sweatshirt with the word 'Peace' written on the back.

"There's nothing peaceful there," said Chef Steve LeClair, owner at Beachcomber restaurant.

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It made LeClair upset thinking about it.

"I was mad to say it lightly, I was mad," he said,

Surveillance video shows two young guys walking up to LeClair's restaurant, right along the ocean. One of the guys jumped the fence and broke into the cooler.

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​​​​​​"He yanked open the lock. He grabbed a couple of six-packs of Modelo and just came over here and took off down the beach," said LeClair.

Sure, it's just some beer, but LeClair said it's costing them around $500 in damage to fix everything.

"It's just the disrespect of the whole thing. Everyone is working hard and they just come and break stuff," he said.

Police said they noticed several fresh shoe prints coming from the restaurant – they followed the prints about 50 yards on the beach

"The police are on it," said LeClair.

And so is LeClair.

"Try and put a couple of blocks here, have like a pipe come from here," he said.

He said this is the second time these thieves have broken into his restaurant. But he's confident the police we'll catch them.

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