• Three children found alone in hot car in Palatka


    PUTNAM COUNTY, Fla. - A father could face criminal charges for leaving three young children alone in a hot car.

    Someone called 911 after spotting the children in a pickup truck parked outside the Lending Bear Pawn Shop on Reid Street early Thursday evening.

    Police said the windows were rolled down, and the outside temperature was about 95 degrees.

    The children, ages 6,2 and 1, all had red faces and were sweating a lot, according to police.

    The owner of the truck walked out of the store after police arrived.

    Matthew James Trim, 26, told police he was inside the store for just a few minutes and the air conditioning in his truck wasn't working.

    The officer noted it was about 10 minutes between the time of the 911 call and when Trim left the store.

    The officer recommended Trim be charged with child neglect.

    The State Attorney's Office will make the final decision.

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