• Sanitation truck crashes into a home; driver injured

    By: Romney Smith


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A scary scene Wednesday morning as a truck carrying sanitation liquid slammed into a townhouse near the corner of A1A and Wonderwood in Mayport.  

    Neighbors tell Action News they heard a weird noise and smelled something funny Wednesday morning. 

    “I was woken up to a loud bang and you know it’s like where metal hits concrete,” said Steven Walker. 

    Monique McQueen was one of the first neighbors to the scene and called 911.  “I smelled something very funny.  It smelled like ammonia, kind of like ammonia.  It was very strong and it made my eyes water.  I had to hurry up and move across the street because it was so strong,” said McQueen. 

    An Amason truck carrying clean biodegradable solution swerved off the road, clipped a pedestrian, then slammed into the back of a home.  Now Evan Licausi, the renter of the townhouse is cleaning up.  

    “I’m going to try and clean out some of the more important stuff in there. You know there’s a big hole in the place obviously I can't really leave everything as is,” said Licausi. 

    Licausi calls himself lucky since Amason tells us their driver, 25-year-old Dustin Henry, has critical injuries. 

    “I hope they are OK. In light of that information it seems like I might be getting off light considering everybody else that was involved, I hope they are OK,” said Licausi. 

    The Red Cross disaster team was also at the home to help Licausi figure out next steps for himself and his two large dogs.  The owner of Amason says his top concern is for the health and safety of their driver, and that he will help the renter recover from this accident. 

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