Truck crashes on Jacksonville's Northside; Neighbor says driver took off

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jerod Powers showed Action News Jax the collection of car parts left in his front yard from crashes on Palmdale Street near Oriole Avenue on Thursday.

He said the collection keeps growing.


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“Right there, on this corner, we’ve had six, seven accidents, ‘cause they come flying down through here," Powers said.

According to the local father, a truck ended up overturned near the intersection Thursday morning.

A neighbor said he saw the truck flip end over end.

He told Action News Jax reporter Beth Rousseau he didn’t want to be identified because the driver took off.

The witness said, “The guy got out, with a hoodie, and got out and ran into another truck.”

“My wife just pulled out 10 minutes before this happened, backed out," Powers said. "If she had been back out, they would have slammed into her.”

He said his real concern is for his two young sons and the other kids who play in their front yards.

The father said posted signs aren't solving the problem and that speed bumps are needed on the road.

“The city’s not doing anything. So, if I had to rethink whether I’d buy on this street, I would say probably not,” Powers said.

Rousseau requested the crash statistics for the intersection from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

She also contacted the city of Jacksonville and the district’s council member to learn whether speed bumps are being considered for the street.

Action News Jax will update this article when we receive new information.

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