Two San Marco businesses are reopening nearly four weeks after fire

Following a fire that started at Beach Diner in San Marco, several neighboring businesses have reopened their doors for Black Friday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Two San Marco businesses are getting back on their feet on Black Friday just in time for the holiday shopping spree.

They reopened nearly four weeks after a fire started at Beach Diner.

It was an electrical fire that started in the kitchen, destroying the inside of the building and damaging nearby businesses.

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Desire Bailey the owner of the San Marco Bookstore, said she has been busy getting ready to reopen her store.

Although the inside of her shop wasn't badly damaged, the smoke and ash ruined her books, she said.

"We have reordered all new merchandise.

It has been a whirlwind 27 days," Bailey said.

Dorothy Fletcher said she has been shopping at the San Marco bookstore for almost three decades.

She said it's been a fixture in the community for years and she's glad to see it open.

"I love coming here  just to go through the old books," Fletcher said.

The bookstore is not the only store to reopen today.

The Wardroom next door also welcomed back local customers who said they have been waiting for this day.

"When you're in business for 40 years and it happens, it's really tough, you know? It's really tough so, yeah, but he's a strong guy and he's going to be open today and we're so excited about it," said customer Rula Car.

The owner of the Wardroom even put out a sign that reads "sizzling hot smoke sale" to poke a little fun at the fire.

"It means they're getting back on their feet and that's what we need to see in this area," Fletcher said.

Bailey said Beach Diner helped bring a lot of customers into the bookstore.

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Since the restaurant is still closed, she said she's hoping people won't forget about her store and others nearby.

"This is a long-term process. With the diner not reopening until April, this is something that's going to affect us for several months and it's not just us. It's all of the people and the businesses on this side of the street," she said.

The store The Write Touch has yet to reopen after the fire.

Bailey told Action News Jax that it may not open its doors until early next year.