UF Health Jacksonville employees give coworker surprise of a lifetime

They secretly raised enough money to buy him his own truck.

A group of UF Health employees gave their coworker the surprise of a lifetime on Saturday.

After learning their coworker was living at a hotel and taking the bus to work everyday, a group of four employees started giving him rides. But they didn't stop there.

They secretly raised enough money to buy him his own truck.

Doctors, nurses, techs and people who didn't know him donated to the cause over the course of three months.

Once they had enough money and purchased a truck, they invited him to a group lunch at a restaurant in Riverside.

Photos: UF Health employees surprise coworker with new truck

He was handed a small box and broke down and cried once he found the keys inside.

A GMC Canyon was waiting for him in the parking lot.

His coworkers said the man, known for working 12-hour days and never complaining, could not have been more surprised or grateful.

A video of the reveal posted to YouTube shows the crowd smiling as he checked out his new truck.

Thanks to four coworkers who saw a need and helped fill it, he can now get to and from work, and anywhere else he wants -- on his own.