• UNF student overdosed on LSD, boyfriend arrested for intent to sell

    By: Kaitlyn Chana


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - A local student is facing serious charges for allegedly giving his girlfriend LSD on a college campus. In a police report, Peter-Karl Riley Huwiler-Tran III called 911, stating his girlfriend started to “flip out” after taking a ½ tablet of LSD.

    University of North Florida senior, Charles Skivinski said most college students just want to sample illegal drugs, but he realizes that can be dangerous.

    “Some of the newer stuff that people are doing is more dangerous. It is laced with different things,” said Skivinski.

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    On Jan. 6, 18-year-old Huwiler-Tran III called police stating his girlfriend overdosed on LSD in the parking lot in front of Osprey Residence Hall. The report stated Huwiler-Tran III told police he bought the drug for his girlfriend, Reina Pagaduan, using her money. Police told Action News Jax that Huwiler-Tran III pulled out a plastic orange test-tube that included the drugs inside.

    Officials said there was labeling around the test-tube that read in part,“Dr. Herbal, Al… If not experiencing a euphoric high, take another toke … take one toke every hour as needed.”

    Huwiler-Tran III was charged with possession with intent to sell within 1,000 feet of a college or university. Authorities said the LSD was purchased off-campus.

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