University of North Florida band members became honorary Yale Bulldogs for March Madness

The team was from Yale. The band was from closer to home.

UNF band members swooped in and tuned up to help Yale, as the Bulldogs faced the Tigers in the NCAA tournament Thursday night.


“Their band was on spring break and they have students all over the world and country, and they needed a band, and could we please help,” said Stephen Putnam, assistant director.

While the band had less than a day to learn the music, that wasn’t the hardest part.

“The hardest thing is trying not to say go Ospreys,” said Amari McDuffie, a band member.

Some of the band members said they would do it again. And when we asked them if they are ready to go back to being an Osprey. Their response, “Uh….I mean I’m loving these shirts. We’ve been wearing these shirts nonstop.”

They’re still proud to be Ospreys, but with a little Bulldog thrown in.

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