• Valencia Way residents suffer through another day with cold water and no gas

    By: Brittney Verner , Action News Jax


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - People who live at the Valencia Way apartments on the city's Westside are suffering another day without gas and hot water

    Acton News Jax contacted city leaders to see if they can help speed up the process or help the people who live there, and many of the city leaders have been slow to respond. 

    Meanwhile, people there are still hurting and have been struggling for over a week to get access to necessities like hot water and gas. 

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    Since last Tuesday, Gail Thomas said it's been the same story for people who live at Valencia Way no gas and no hot water. 

    "It's hectic. It's real hectic because I'm concerned about the kids," Thomas said. 

    Thomas is the current president of the tenants' association. She believes if city officials showed their faces around there, the huge repair might be completed a little faster.

    "I remember 2016 when we had a gas leak, we stayed out here -- me, Garrett Dennis, Pastor Griffin, the mayor, all us -- for nine hours out here waiting for them to fix the gas leak. And they did it 2:30 in the morning. 


    "You got little babies here that need to be washed in warm water. They newborn babies," Thomas said. 

    Action News Jax reached out to the mayor's office for a comment once last Thursday, and again on Monday. It was the third attempt this Thursday that got a response.  

    The office responded saying: "At this time, we don't have a comment other than they have to complete these renovations in a safe manner. We have been informed that these are extensive renovations and we will ensure that they are being carried out efficiently and safely."

    But it didn't comment about helping the families who've been without gas and hot water for over  a week.  Action News Jax also called, emailed and left a message for Councilman Garrett Dennis to get his response, and he has not replied back. 

    Meanwhile, those families are just hoping for the day they can take a hot shower and when they can prepare a hot meal. 

    "Nobody wants a cold sandwich. When they go home, they're eating a hot meal. When we here, we can't cook," Thomas said. 

    There are 330 families who live at Valencia Way, and that's how many of them have been without these necessities for over a week. Many believe if they were not in an underprivileged area, they wouldn't be going through this. 

    At last check, the Millenia companies that own the property said they would continue providing food assistance. However, many families said it's only dinner they're providing and it's not enough to feed their entire families.  

    The property management company confirmed it still doesn't have a clear timeline of when the gas will be back on. 

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