• Vandals cause thousands of dollars of damage in Clay County


    CLAY COUNTY, Fla. - The Clay County Sheriff's Office is investigating thousands of dollars worth of damage at Keystone Heights High School and at several homes near the school.

    A CCSO officer conducted a routine patrol of the high school on Thursday just before 6 a.m. and noticed a fire extinguisher in the parking lot.

    During the investigation, CCSO found that several windows were broken, multiple fire extinguishers were used, and several rooms damaged.

    The fire extinguishers were used in the hallways and in several classrooms, including a computer lab and teacher's planning room.

    Officers found a chair and ladder outside a teacher's dining room window, which they believe was broken by the ladder.

    A CCSO police report says a glass bottle was broken in one of the portable classrooms, causing liquid to get on the computer, desk, printer and filing cabinet. Officers said several folders and papers were scattered on the floor and a computer monitor was hanging off the desk, which may have been hit by the glass bottle.  

    Items from a supply cabinet were thrown around and spray paint damaged another classroom, the report said.

    Later in the evening, it was found that wooden cabinets were pulled off the wall in a softball concession stand.

    No items were reported stolen. The school reported more than $9,300 worth of damage.

    That same morning officers responded to multiple reports of vandalisms at homes near the school. Five residents reported multiple tire slashes to their vehicles, another reported slashes to a camper, and two other residents reported damage to their mailbox.

    The CCSO says they are looking in to a possible connection between the damage to the high school and homes. Officers say they found footprints outside of a home that appeared similar to ones found at the school.

    The total damage reported by the homeowners amounted to $5,000.

    CCSO is continuing to investigate the case. 

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