• Veteran says new Telemedicine clinic in Jacksonville easing access to doctors

    By: Ryan Nelson , Action News Jax


    Dr. Ivorique’ Turner, Navy veteran and former assistant VA clinic medical officer, tells Action News Jax the EMDNow Telemedicine clinic based in Moncrief is opening new paths for veterans to receive treatment in a timely manner in Northeast Florida.

    The small clinic is tucked away in the corner of a pharmacy in Moncrief.

    It could fit inside most exam rooms in its entirety.

    Dr. Turner says it’s what’s inside that makes its potential so intriguing.

    “We’re one of the first that offers both the online version as well as the walk-in services,” said Dr. Turner.

    Turner claims it’s sometimes difficult for veterans to make appointments at the VA due to staffing and workload challenges.

    She says many veterans must travel great distances to make it to their doctor’s offices.

    Now she says patients have the option of walking into the clinic, or accessing Dr. Turner’s services through an app on their devices, or the company’s website.

    Navy veteran and single mother Joy Curry tells us she was relieved to receive care via the touch of a button.

    “Why do you want to drive two hours,” said Curry. “Why do you even want to drive a half an hour, when you can simply open up your computer, log into an app?”

    Curry says she came down with the flu recently before a trip to New York.

    She took a friend’s recommendation and saw Dr. Turner from the comfort of her home using the technology.

    She typically drives about two hours to be seen by a VA physician in Gainesville.

    "Like 100 times easier,” said Curry. “The VA’s hard, they’re pretty booked.”

    Turner says clinics like EMDNow could even free up space at the VA.

    “My hope and my goal is that by taking care of as many veterans as I can,” said Dr. Turner. “…maybe that opens up room for the patient with chronic conditions who needs those referrals. Maybe then they can have more access.”

    Turner says they’re specializing in treatments for veterans and their families, but anyone is welcome to visit the clinic or use their telemedicine options.

    “We take care of cold and flu, allergies, skin conditions, you know, limited womens’ health,” said Dr. Turner. “Also patients with stable conditions, stable hypertension, stable diabetes…”

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