Victims claim rocks were thrown at their cars

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A local woman was hit by a rock that pierced through the window of the car she was riding in. She claims she's not the only one recovering; eight other people had rocks thrown at their cars near Timuquana and Catoma.
Jewel Moore was sitting in the back seat of a Camry when she heard a bang and fell over in her seat.

"All I want to do is cry, right now. I'm so scared," said Moore.
Moore said it came out of nowhere. One moment she was chatting with her friend and husband in the car, the next she was knocked over in her seat.

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"I thought it was a bullet that come towards my neck and it made me fall over. Butthen I had my eyes closed and I had glass everywhere," Moore said.
Shards of glass coated Moore and her friend Kenny Creecy, who was driving near Timuquana Road. He said it was painful to see Moore in agony.
"I thought she was shot, to be honest with you, because she fell down and she was complaining about hurting real bad in her arm, neck and head and everything," said Creecy.
The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office reports nine cars being struck by rocks while the cars were moving. Officers are looking for three white men believed to be between the ages of 18 and 23.
Creecy said there was an extensive amount of damage to the car window.
"It was a pretty big hole right through here and it was all cracked," said Creecy.
Creecy had to pay $200 out of pocket to fix the window.