Video appears to show JSO officer speeding near school zone

Witness claims officer sped through school zone

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Video appears to show an officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office speeding near a school zone on Jacksonville's Westside.

The video was taken on West Beaver Street right around the corner from Thomas Jefferson Elementary School.

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It shows the patrol car was picked up by the radar gun going 36 mph in a 15 mph school zone while the light was flashing.

The officer then quickly stopped and reversed, nearly hitting the truck behind him.

You can hear the officer in the video ask the man recording if there was a problem.

Action News Jax spoke to Jeff Gray, the man who used the radar gun and captured the video.

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"What kind of troubles me more was seeing law enforcement speeding in a school zone, so I just wanted to come out and catch, capture that on camera," Gray said.

Gray said the video was taken in August and he recently posted it online.

He said he was surprised when the officer suddenly stopped and backed up to talk to him.

"It was really (an) unsafe thing to do. I would've thought that he would've went down the road and turned around and came back and spoke with me instead of doing that. It was completely unnecessary," Gray said.

In the video, you can hear the officer tell the man he believed he was hitting the brakes as he was approaching the school zone.

The officer told the man to get out of the road before he caused an accident, even though the man was recording from the sidewalk.

Gray said he wants the officer to be held accountable.

"They're supposed to obey the same traffic laws that we are, unless they're running code or running to some sort of emergency with their lights on. I think they should be held to the same standards," Gray said.

JSO confirmed it is aware of the video and the incident is under review.

A spokesperson for JSO said the incident occurred was before the school zone began and the officer never entered the school zone.

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