Video: Jacksonville-area boy's Tonka ride-on dump truck catches fire

A family captured their 3-year-old son's ride-on Tonka dump truck on cellphone video, burning.

Sheena Haney said the fire started when her husband tried to move the truck.

“He kept putting it out with the hose and it just kept catching on fire and the wheels just kept running,” Haney said.

Action News Jax reached out to Toys R Us and learned there was a recall issued on the truck in May.

However, the hazard mentioned on the website of Dynacraft, which makes the truck, said the acceleration pedal can stick, posing crash hazards. It never mentions the truck being a fire hazard.

Haney said she was told by Toys R Us what happened to their toy was an isolated incident. But Dynacraft did send someone to her home.

“They sent out an engineer to come and look at the truck,” Haney said.

We did some digging and found in November 2016, another ride-on Tonka dump truck burst into flames in the back of someone’s truck in Washington.

Haney said the incident was an eye-opener for her family and they posted the videos on social media to warn other parents.

“We want all parents to know to beware if it’s in your garage especially, cause we were lucky enough our son wasn’t on it and it wasn’t in the garage,” she said.

Haney said the company will be taking back the Tonka truck and reimbursing them.

We did reach out to the manufacturer to see if the truck is gone from all stores and if another warning or recall will be put out. We're waiting to hear back.