VIDEO: Local man saves woman from burning car

Car Fire Hero

MIDDLEBURG, Fla. — A Middleburg man is being hailed a hero for his life-saving actions.

The man who recorded the video told Action News Jax that he doesn’t consider himself a hero, just someone who was helping out a neighbor and ultimately saved her life.

Tony Strong lives in Middleburg. While driving down Highway 220, he had no clue that he would help rescue a woman from a car about to burst into flames.

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“I was coming back from a doctor’s appointment on Monday, and this little old lady, her car started smoking at the bottom,” Strong said.

When he saw the smoke coming from her car, and noticed that she was still sitting inside, Strong said he knew he had to help.

“This lady needs help. Somebody has got to help her. Everybody else was just standing there video recording,” he recalled.

Even as the flames grew, Strong was able pull the woman out of the car to safety.

“She was nervous and there was nobody stopping to help her,” he said. “We need to start taking time out to look out for each other.”

Strong said he’s glad the woman did not get hurt. He says he would do it all over again if he had to.