Video shows security guard attacked from behind at Jacksonville Waffle House

Armed security officer attacked by crowd at Jacksonville Waffle House

A security guard was attacked at a local Waffle House Saturday morning and the people involved are believed to be on the run.

The attack happened at the Waffle House on Busch Drive, just off Dunn Ave.

According to the Northeast Florida Security Association, the security guard asked people who are believed to be patrons of the restaurant to turn the music down in their vehicles.

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The Northeast Florida Security Association said he was attacked from behind by the men, shortly after.

Northeast Florida Security Association President, Chief Marcus Williams, is encouraging the community to speak up.

"Security officers put on a uniform everyday, knowing the fact that they may encounter something while they're on duty. This is something that we train for. But this was a spur of the moment situation where he was attacked,” Williams said.

In video obtained exclusively by Action News Jax, you can see one man with his shirt off, first push the security guard to the ground and then repeatedly punch the security guard.

It's not long before a second man jumps in and starts to kick and punch the security guard as well.

It appears from the video, that although someone did call 911 — no one jumped in to help the security guard.

Williams told Cole the officer was beaten so badly, he was bleeding. He will also have to undergo surgery on his face.

The name of the security guard has not been released for his safety.

“Everyone knew this well-respected and liked officer who was just doing his job and enforcing the client's rules,” Williams said.

Cole spoke to a neighbor, Jason Matos. who works in this area. He wasn't shocked to hear this happened and he said there needs to be a change.

“That's a regular thing in this city. It's not just this side of town, it's not just this Waffle House. It's going to happen all over. The change starts with us,” Matos said.

I've reached out to the Waffle House to see what they’re planning to do moving forward to keep their patrons safe.

Waffle House sent the following statement to Action News Jax:

"The recovery of the injured security officer is top of mind for us, and we wish for a speedy recovery. We continue to gather details on the incident and are actively cooperating with law enforcement officials as they investigate this matter."
Pat Warner
Director of PR and External Affairs

Right now, we’re working to get the report for this incident from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. When we learn more details from the Sheriff's Office, we’ll bring them to you.

Right now, The Northeast Florida Security Association is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone with information about the people who attacked the security guard.

If you have any information, you can call Crimestoppers anonymously at 866-845-tips.

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