Video shows vandal shatter glass door at Donald Trump headquarters

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters in Jacksonville was vandalized for the fourth time when a vandal threw a metal trash can and shattered the glass door early Saturday morning.

Surveillance footage obtained by Action News Jax shows the person throw the trash can at the door twice before running away.

Volunteers said the vandal first tried to throw a flower pot at the door.

When that didn’t work, he rolled the garbage can on its side, pulled out the liner and threw it at the glass door twice.

Patsy Butts, who owns the building, said if the suspect comes to headquarters willing to volunteer and learn about politics on Monday, she’ll drop the criminal charges.

The same building was vandalized in January, when someone drew a swastika on Trump's forehead and a mustache over his lip on a sign that hangs in the front window.

“It’s a coward way of doing things,” said John Edwards, who is a volunteer for the Trump campaign.

He said vandalism is the wrong way to demonstrate political opinions.