• Volunteers plan private search for Lonzie Barton Saturday

    By: Lorena Inclán


    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - David and Brittany Pembleton spent part of their afternoon speaking with shrimpers in Mayport.

    They told them about Lonzie Barton and how they need their help finding him.

    It's been nearly one month since the toddler was reported missing by his mother's boyfriend, Ruben Ebron. Ebron and Lonzie's mother, Lonna Lauramore, are now incarcerated, both charged with lying to police.

    "I plan on going to a bunch more marinas. We are not looking for just these type of boats either. We are looking for people who have fishing boats, john boats, any kind of boat that's got sonar even canoes and kayaks," said David Pembleton.

    The Pembletons, along with Daniel Pressley, have already organized several private searches for Lonzie.

    Saturday's meeting point will be at 9021 San Jose Boulevard. From there, they'll split off into groups searching in Goodbys Creek.
    A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office spokesperson sent Action News a statement:

    “We are in regular contact with those who are from time to time conducting 'private' searches for Lonzie Barton. They keep us posted of what they find if it is anything potentially relevant. These searches in no way interfere with the investigation," said Melissa Bujeda, JSO Public Information Officer.
    "They've basically let us know what not to do if we did run across the body, and they don't want to compromise any kind of evidence that could lead to justice to Lonzie," said David Pembleton.
    Brittany Pembleton said the case hits way too close to home.
    "To see my son, they're only like two months apart, and I just couldn't imagine my son being out there like that," said Brittany Pembleton.

    David Pembleton is asking shrimpers to keep an eye on their nets.

    He passed out flyers with Lonzie's picture and said he's confident they'll find Lonzie.
    "That baby is somewhere, and until we know where he's at, I just can't stop thinking about him," said David Pembleton.

    David Pembleton said they have about a dozen volunteers but need a lot more in order to cover more ground.

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