Mom of missing teen: 'We are relieved he is safe and in custody'

LATEST INFORMATION: Wanted teen Logan Mott in custody

UPDATE, Friday, 11:08 p.m.: The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office confirms that Logan Mott is in custody. JSO said he was detained by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection as he tried to enter Canada from Buffalo, NY.

Logan's mother Carrie Campbell-Mott released the following statement after learning her son was in custody:

"We are relieved he is safe and in custody and we just ask for everyone to give us time to sort out what happened. That no matter what, Logan is our child and we love him and are standing by him to help in any way. We want to find out what happened to Kristina and we need time for that to happen."

Original story below:

The body believed to be a missing grandmother has been found in a Neptune Beach backyard and her teenage grandson is still missing.

Police said Friday afternoon that the body found appears to be that of 53-year-old Kristina French, but there will be no positive identification until the Medical Examiner's Office completes its autopsy. French's 15-year-old grandson, Logan Mott, was spotted in her missing Dodge Dart on video surveillance in Pennsylvania around 1:15 p.m. Thursday.

Police were working to obtain an arrest warrant for Logan for the offense of auto theft and said he is also considered a person of interest in the death of the person found in the backyard.

After police released the latest information in the case on Friday afternoon, Logan's mother, Carrie Campbell-Mott, pleaded with her son in a Facebook post to reach out to her.

Here is the full text of Campbell-Mott's Friday night Facebook post:

"We are mourning Kristina's loss deeply as a family and desperate to find Logan.

"There is a warrant out to find him for taking Kristina's car. He is listed as a person of interest in her death. He is believed to have taken the firearms from the house and was last seen driving Kristina's car in Pennsylvania yesterday around 1.

"To be clear the police have not accused him of anything.

"There are so many things that could have happened. It could have been an accident and he got scared and ran. We have no idea. We do not believe that Logan would ever deliberately hurt Kristina. Please don't jump to conclusions. We need your love and support more than anything right now.

"What we do know is that Logan has never hurt anyone. We know he loved Kristina and they had a very close wonderful relationship. We know Kristina loved Logan deeply. That she is a good person. That she is deeply loved.

"So we ask for compassion and empathy while we mourn Kristina and keep in mind Logan is a good kid who has accomplished so much in this life with no history of violence. He is likely scared, alone, and deeply confused. He's still a child and I ask that everyone keep these things in mind along with the fact that Eric just lost his mother. Please be respectful of our family. Please understand we are still parents who deeply love their child. This is a tragedy.

"He is still our child. We love him and no matter what we will stand by him. We will always love him and we will help him thru this.

"Logan Mott is you are reading this I love you. I'm here. I love you. Please call me. I will help you. Mom."

Original story below:

A mother is pleading for the safe return of her son and his grandmother three days after they were reported missing in Jacksonville.

Logan Mott, 15, and his grandmother Kristina French, 53, may be traveling in a silver, four-door Dodge Dart with Florida tag DLLT42, according to a missing child alert by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

"We don’t know how much insulin he has on him. We don’t know exactly how many days he’s been gone," Logan's mother Carrie Campbell-Mott said. "The amount of days that he could go without insulin would be 7 to 10 days."

Police have been searching for Logan and his grandmother Kristina French for three days.

They were reported missing after Logan didn't show up to Sandalwood High School Monday or Tuesday.

Action News Jax has learned French also didn't show up for work Monday or Tuesday.

Police investigated at two locations Thursday - French's home on Nipigon Avenue South in Mayport and Seagate Avenue in Neptune Beach.

Campbell-Mott said she last spoke to Logan on Sunday and that he seemed to be in a good mood.

That is the last time anyone has spoken with Logan.

"Logan has so many friends and family that are desperate to hear from him," she said. "His father and I just want answers. Please. We are begging."

Campbell-Mott said Logan's father, Eric Mott, was on vacation with his girlfriend. They took an Uber home from the airport Wednesday after French never showed up to get them.

When they got home, the door to their Seagate Avenue home was open and the house was ransacked.

Eric Mott's guns were missing from a gun safe, Campbell-Mott said.

Campbell-Mott's full Facebook post:

"As a mother the worst situation imaginable is your child going missing. When I got pregnant with Logan we had previously miscarried. It was absolutely devastating losing our first child. It was the only time I saw my husband cry. Kristina came to the hospital and helped me go thru the D and C. She held my hand the whole time. Kristina is one of the best people I have ever known. Kristina loves Logan dearly and Logan loves her just as much. Kristina has a heart of gold and would help anyone. Kristina sees the good in people, the potential in people and she never judges. The best mother and grandmother and overall person anyone could meet. Kristina has the greatest smile and she's so full of life. We know Kristina would fiercely protect Logan.

When Eric and I got pregnant with Logan we were so scared. We didn't tell anyone until the end. Logan was born on August 21, 2002. Logan was absolutely perfect. When he was born he didn't make a sound. Logan just starred straight up at me. Eric and I were worried because he didn't make much noise. But then we realized that was just him. That's how Logans always been. Always looking at the world, analyzing it. Logan is smart and strong and he's so brave. He's handled his diabetes better than most adults. Logan never victimized it, always forged ahead. Logans got this big heart and he's incredibly sensitive to those he loves. Logan spent an hour on the phone just last week talking to his cousin Paris as she went thru teenage drama. Logan just called my dad and talked to him last week on his birthday. Logan has so many friends and family that are desperate to hear from him. Logan is loved fiercely. His father and I just want answers. Please. We are begging.

So if you have taken them we are begging you to return Logan and Kristina. We are scared and we just want our son Logan and his grandmother Kristina back. Please. Without insulin he WILL die.

Please. Don't let my baby die. Please.

We have no idea what's happened. We have no answers. But whatever it is-
Logan we love you. No matter what. No matter what has happened we will always love you. We are here. We will always stand by your side. We will always be looking. No matter what. All of us. Your dad, your cousins, your aunts, uncle, grandma, grandpa, friends. We will never stop. Logan Mott you are good and kind and extraordinary and we all miss you so much. My son I love you more than you could ever imagine. I would give anything to hear your voice and mess with your hair or embarrass you with my oversharing. I miss that smile more than anything in the world. I miss you and we all just want you home.

I love you "Louie." You're the best thing to ever happen to your dad and I. We will not stop. We all love you and so many people are looking for you. We just want you and Kristina home.

I love you. I can't say it enough. I love you and my heart is broken and I've cried so many tears and your dad has too. You are our baby. My first born and I am so lost without you. We all are.
We love you Logan Mott."

Anyone who sees the missing teen, woman or their car is asked not to approach them but to call 911 immediately.

Anyone who has any information or may have seen the car is asked to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500 or email JSOCrimeTips@jaxsheriff.org.

Anonymous tipsters can also contact Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS and may be eligible for a reward of up to $3,000.