Jacksonville dad selling disrespectful son's car on Craigslist

A Jacksonville father said he is selling his son's car on Craigslist because his son thinks it's cool to drive around with his friends "smokin dope and acting all thug."

The dad, identified as Allan in the Craigslist post, said he bought the 1998 Ford Explorer for his son for his first car.

He said he gave the car to his son so he could finish school, get a decent job and get a head start on life but his son decided to throw it all away.

He said he is selling it because his son has not shown him and his wife respect.

He listed the price at $1,500 but said he'll take $250 off the price if someone who lives on the Westside buys it because he wants his son to see it every now and then and be reminded of how good he had it.

"Now he can put those Jordans to use walk his ass off on these hot summer days!" his father wrote in the post.

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