Westside neighbors say people are posing as utility workers

JEA: "Utilities" guy not from JEA

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Neighbors on the Westside said people are posing as utility workers.

The men have been spotted on Wheeler Ave. in the Lakeshore neighborhood and on Ballejo Court in the Cedar Hills neighborhood.

A woman shared video with Action News Jax of a man walking up to her door with a drink in one hand and what appears to be a clipboard in the other.

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In the video, the man put the drink down, knocked on the door and said, “Utilities.”

JEA said it’s the only utility company that serves the area and the man in the video doesn’t work for it.

Logan Irvine, 17, said he was home alone after school this week when two men showed up at his family’s home.

He said the men didn’t match the description of the man in the video but they had the same M.O.

“They go, ‘Utilities’ and then they start waving in the window,” Irvine said.

He said he got a strange vibe, so he didn’t answer.

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“They looked suspicious to me. Like, they were coming up saying they were utilities when I didn’t see anything from JEA,” Irvine said. “If I don’t know who they are, I don’t open it.”

Irvine's mother, Andrea Irvine, said she called JEA and officials told her the mendidn’t work for the utility company.

She said she believes the men were casing the neighborhood.

JEA said its employees will always identify themselves as being with JEA and have on a company shirt with a logo and a badge.