What you need to know: Old Jacksonville City Hall annex building scheduled to be imploded

Old Jacksonville City Hall annex building scheduled to be imploded

On Sunday, Jan. 20, at 8 a.m the old City Hall annex building is scheduled to be imploded. The old City Hall building is located at 220 E. Bay St.

REWATCH implosion of the Jacksonville old City Hall Annex:

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The city said access will be restricted in downtown and the surrounding areas, including Main Street, Liberty Street, Adams Street and around the St. Johns River from 7 a.m. untill about 10 a.m. due to inspections and post-implosion cleanup efforts. The city said that Adams Street and southbound lanes of Main Street will remain open, however, northbound lanes of the Main Street Bridge will be closed. Parts of the river and air traffic are also restricted, the city said.

The city is asking for anyone who lives or works inside the restricted area to stay indoors and shelter in place durning the implosion and post-implosion cleanup. According to the city, sound pressure levels from the implosion and lingering dust after the implosion could pose safety risks. The city is asking people to keep all doors, windows and entry ways to homes and businesses closed and to keep any exhaust fans turned off.

The city said a two-minute warning for the implosion will be announced at 7:58 a.m. with a series of sirens. Another siren will sound notifying successful completion, but this siren does not mean people should stop sheltering in place, according to the city.