Woman arrested in Jacksonville after infant body parts found in North Carolina

A woman was arrested in Jacksonville in connection with body parts of two infants found under a house in North Carolina.

Bridgette Smith, 41, was arrested at Wednesday in Jacksonville on a fugitive warrant. Police found her at the Hawkins Motel on U.S. 90 in Baldwin.

Smith is being charged with failure to report a death after police found body parts of two infants under a house in Smithfield, North Carolina in April 2016.

The body parts were found wrapped in towels in two separate bags under the home, according to court documents.

A resident found the bags when he was running a cable under the home.

Warrants revealed Smith may have been pregnant 10 times, but reportedly covered up her pregnancy when people asked about them.

Other than being arrested in Duval County, it's unclear what other connection Smith has to Northeast Florida. Smith has waived her extradition and will voluntarily return to North Carolina accompanied by agents from that state.

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