Woman attacked by suspected pit bulls in Jacksonville neighborhood speaks out

Police and Animal Control are investigating after a woman was attacked by two dogs in the neighborhood where she lives.

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It happened in the Crystal Springs neighborhood on the city’s westside.

Animal Control officials confirmed they have responded to multiple calls in the past about dangerous dogs at one of the homes in the area.


Rhonda Broadnax is the woman who said she was attacked in her front yard by two dogs as she was about to start her daily walk. Broadnax said she wasn’t even halfway down the street when the attack happened.

“I feel like a prisoner in my home. They were all over m,e just biting me in all these different places,” Broadnax said.

In the video you can see her neighbors dog come to the rescue but she was already badly bruised.

“The brown dog was the most aggressive dog you ever want to see,” Broadnax said.

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Friday Action News Jax contacted Animal Control to ask about calls for service in that area, and that particular home had several.

One of the homeowners who owns dogs listed in the report told officers they only had a small dog that was not involved.

However once Animal Control made contact with the same homeowner again, he told them his dogs did match the description of the dogs who made the attack.

Several calls for service show there had been complaints on against the same house for vicious dogs before:

  • Four total calls for noise complaints dating all the way back to 2007.
  • Two cruelty calls this year for dogs attacking a pig that's also a pet at the same address.
  • Now this incident in which Broadnax was attacked.

“Fortunately it was me but unfortunately it was me because if it was an infant or a young child outside there are even less able to defend themselves,” Broadnax said.

Action News Jax tried to contact the homeowners to see if they wanted to comment on the calls of service. They didn’t answer but Broadnax said she won’t be able to live comfortably until she knows those dogs are secured.

“I have not been outside I will not go outside. No one of that capacity needs to be owners of dogs because it’s not the dogs, it is the owners who lack responsibility,” Broadnax said.

Police said it’s still unclear who owns the dogs that made carried out the attack but the incident is still under investigation.