Woman attempts to steal school bus

Woman attempts to steal school bus

Nassau County, FL. — On Jan. 8, 2021 officers were dispatched to the area of Jaguar Drive and Henry Lee Road in reference to a suspicious person.

Upon the officers’ arrival to the scene they noticed a flashing light on top of a Nassau County School Board school bus #450.

The officer was aware that this light usually is only on during operation hours.

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Upon closer inspection of the bus, they saw foot-prints leading up to the bus.

At this time, a resident of a near-by home told officers that the person trying to break into the bus maybe in a nearby car.

They looked in the car and didn’t find the person, so they searched the bus.

As officers opened the emergency exit door, they saw woman drop to the floor.

Officers were able to retrieve the keys to the bus and question the woman, Melissa Lacey was then arrested for theft of the vehicle.

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