• Couple reportedly injured by falling building while riding lawnmower home during storm in Lawtey

    By: Deanna Bettineschi, Action News Jax


    LAWTEY, Fla. - At least two people are recovering from storm-related injuries.

    An Action News Jax viewer tells us her brother was hurt when part of a building fell and hit him on the head in Lawtey.

    The man's sister said the man's wife also hurt her knees, head and hand. The man and his wife were riding a lawnmower home from the store during the storm.

    Damage from an EF-1 tornado in Lawtey could be seen from U.S. 301.

    Homes and businesses were damaged, fences were down and trees were cracked.

    Neighbor Shara Tew drove around taking pictures of the damage left behind.

    She said she was out walking her dog when the tornado came through Tuesday night.

    “I took off running in the house and got my mom and grabbed pillows and got down in the hallway because I said, 'I know it's a tornado,'” said Tew.

    Tornadoes touched down in St. Johns, Bradford counties, officials say

    She said the noise was deafening.

    “It sounds like a train coming through your house,” said Tew.

    But Tew was safe.

    “I knelt down over my mother and prayed,” said Tew.

    Lawtey Elementary School was forced to close Wednesday, but is set to reopen Thursday.

    The superintendent said most of the damage happened to the cafeteria.

    The superintendent of Bradford County School District said they’re assessing the storms impacts.

    Tew said that from what she’s seen today, her community has a lot of cleaning up to do.

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