Woman says black mold in her Westside Jacksonville apartment is making her sick

A Jacksonville woman said black mold in the Westside apartment she just moved into is making her sick.

Shelby Nettles just moved into her apartment at Vintage at Plantation Bay five weeks ago, and said the transition hasn't been smooth.

“I’ve been in and out of the doctors [office] with swollen allergies, upper respiratory issues, a lot of issues with that,” Nettles said.

Nettles noticed water spilling into her hallway, so she moved the dryer aside and saw it coming from the bottom of her air-conditioning unit.

“If you come over here you can see it,” Nettles said, showing Action News Jax around.  “Right over here, the hot water heater, and behind it, there's just mold everywhere caked, there's water dripping.”

South Oxford Management runs Vintage at Plantation Bay.

Nettles wanted them to let her out of her lease, and refund her security deposit and two months’ rent, roughly $2,000, not including the trips to the doctor.

“It's obviously moldy and disgusting, and I just want out,” Nettles said.

South Oxford Management said it will allow Nettles to break her lease, but they won't be refunding her rent.

Nettles said she’s considering hiring an attorney if her demands were not met.