• Woman says she and her dog were attacked at a Jacksonville dog park

    By: Christy Turner , Action News Jax


    A Jacksonville woman and her dog are recovering after they were bitten by another dog at Ed Austin Park on Sunday.

    Jessica, who didn’t want to share her last name, said it was only their second time at that dog park.

    She said Cooper, a 9-year-old Lab, was playing with the other dogs when he was attacked.

    “It was terrifying,” Jessica said. “My instinct was just to run to him and to try to protect him.”

    That’s how Jessica ended up with puncture wounds to her hands. Doctors advised her to get a rabies vaccination. 

    “I just saw he was hurt so I had to get him out of there, so I didn't get to speak with any of the dog owners and find out if they had had the rabies shots or any vaccinations,” Jess said. 

    Cooper suffered a large laceration to his neck, a bite behind his ear and puncture wounds to both sides of his abdomen. He underwent surgery for his injuries.

    Action News Jax has reported on dog attacks at the same park in the past. In May, we told you about the greyhound, Hollywood, who was seriously hurt when he was mauled by dogs

    Jess and her husband, Brett, said they were unaware of the previous incidents. 

    “The major concerning thing to us is the way they monitor what dogs and dog owners are allowed in the park,” Brett said. 

    Brett believes the city should implement a vetting process, similar to what the dog park in Atlantic Beach does.  

    He said they would also like to see signs posted, warning pet owners about previous attacks at parks.  

    “This isn't just for Ed Austin Park. It should be rolled out in Jacksonville. We should be able to take our dogs to a dog park and be safe,” Brett said. 

    Action News Jax reached out to the city to see if they will consider vetting dogs at local parks. We are still waiting to hear back.

    We also reached out to the volunteers who run the Facebook page for a statement and have yet to receive a response. 

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