Woman targeted while applying for job through Indeed

A local woman looking for a job on the website Indeed has a message for others doing the same. It’s because that woman said someone posing as an employer tried to get sensitive information from her.

Christa Johnson said she thought she had just been given a job as a receptionist at a local Marriott but it was a scam.

Johnson said she knew something was wrong when they started asking for too much information.

“I received an email the next day stating that I was offered the position and  to send over personal documentation,” Johnson said.


Johnson said a person acting like an employer from the Townsend Marriott sent an email stating they were out of town and unfortunately couldn't meet in the next few days. They said to speed up the hiring process Johnson would need to provide vital information for a background check.

“They asked for my Social Security number. They asked for the front and back copy of my driver's license,” Johnson said.

They also asked her to send a selfie, and she said she thought those requests were strange.

“Something just told me to just verify everything first because it was just too good to be true,” Johnson said.

Officials from that local Marriott near J.T. Butler Boulevard and I-95 said said they’ve received over a dozen calls from people who also said they were offered a position and asked to send over personal information.

Now Johnson is warning everyone to beware.

“Do your research. Just take the time out to do your research,” Johnson said.

Managers at the Marriott said they do use third-party websites like Indeed to recruit but they would never ask for personal information because that would be violating privacy laws.

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