Woman who took video of speeding school bus gets into crash

The same local mom who says she captured video of a school bus speeding with kids onboard was involved in a crash with a school bus Friday morning.

Michelle Fahy said the crash occurred at Westside High School.

Fahy said she got sandwiched between two school buses when she was trying to feed into traffic after dropping off her daughter.

“They need to start being safe before they kill somebody,” Fahy said.

On Thursday, Action News Jax showed you video Fahy shot from behind the wheel.

She said it shows a bus full of kids going 50 mph in a 35 mph zone.

Duval County Public Schools and the bus company, Student Transportation of America, are now reviewing the video.

“I’m getting ready to put cameras on my truck, and I’m going to be reporting everybody,” Fahy said.

Court records show Fahy has had her own problems behind the wheel.  Records show in the last three years, she’s had 11 civil traffic offenses and two criminal traffic offenses.

Action News Jax asked the school district for the crash report, and officials said it won’t be ready for another week.