‘You don’t see stuff like that’: Car explodes in Arlington neighborhood

An intense video given to Action News Jax showed the car engulfed in flames.


The search is on for whoever set a car on fire in an Arlington neighborhood Tuesday night. Even a day later, Action News Jax crews could still smell the smoke and see parts of the car left behind.

An intense video given to Action News Jax showed the car engulfed in flames.

“When we got out the car, we heard this boom and we turned around and looked and flames were pouring out the window,” neighbor Joseph Boykin said.

Boykin and his fiancé just got home from dinner and were outside when they heard an explosion late Tuesday night. They say the car was parked on the road before someone drove up next to it. Other neighbors told Action News Jax they saw what appeared to be gasoline poured onto it.

“There was a car that drove up next to the car and parked and couple seconds later there were flames and they called (drove) off while ducking their heads down,” Boykins said.

JSO tells Action News Jax the car had stolen tags on it, but because of the amount of damage investigators could not say if the car itself was stolen. As of now, they have no suspects. It’s an active and ongoing investigation, JSO said while they haven’t officially determined if it’s arson it’s being worked as one.

Boykin’s fiancé Cristy Knutelsky was the one who took the cell phone video and called the police, saying there were roughly 7 explosions in a span of 10 minutes.

“Every few seconds or minutes it was a boom and you see the glass all over the ground, it was just all over the place,” she said.

She told Action News Jax the neighborhood is extremely quiet.

“I’ve seen it on a highway but in a neighborhood like this you don’t see stuff like that,” she said.

Our law and safety expert Dale Carson has years of experience in the FBI, he said this would be a second-degree felony of arson, with up to 15 years in prison. Neighbors told Action News Jax they were happy to hear nobody was inside the car when it was up in flames.

Action News Jax has requested all police reports and 911 calls to this incident and is waiting on it to come back.