Mayor Lenny Curry weighs in on vaccine distribution

Jacksonville mayor: Issue with supply chain impacts COVID-19 rollout

Jacksonville, Fl. — The coronavirus vaccine roll out is underway in Duval County.

Some people are reporting some issues with making appointments.

Right now, only those 65 and older can receive the vaccine and those who work in the medical field.

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On Wednesday, Mayor Lenny Curry took questions from media outlets on the distribution.

“When we have the supplies that we need the city is ready,” Curry said during a news conference.

Action News Jax reporter, Meghan Moriarty, questioned Mayor Curry on the rollout.

Moriarty: Are you saying that you don’t have the supplies that you need right now? It does appear that the vaccine rollout is a little slow. So, what are you doing to speed that up?

Curry: “We don’t control the supply chain nor does the state,” Curry said. “Look this is a massive, national coordinated effort. We are one state of many. We are one city of many.”

Appointments have been booking up fast, meaning some people had to be turned away.

Moriarty: What do you say to people who are having problems? They’re very frustrated and they feel--you know-- ‘I’m 65 and older and I need to get this vaccine’”

Curry: “I understand your frustration,” Curry said. “The state and the health department are working diligently to get those appointment issues resolved.”

The Department of Health announced on Monday it will be adding new appointments every Thursday, online, at 5 P.M.

You can make an appointment for a vaccine, if you meet certain requirements, here.