Mayors encourage everyone to get vaxxed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Mayor Lenny Curry said in a press conference today he will not be instituting a mask mandate despite rising COVID-19 Numbers.

When we put the mask mandate into effect last year, we didn’t have the vaccine. Now we do. it is the most effective way to protect our community.”

The Mayor says he is focusing on gathering resources in response to the rising numbers.

“We are working with agape on expanding to a couple more testing sites, in the health department we are working with them to add another testing site.”

Doctors are warning people getting the vaccine is the best way to protect you and those around you

“What we can tell you is the delta variant is significantly more virulent than the COVID-19 we saw last year,” says Dr.Saman Soleymani.

The doctor says those getting covid are younger, healthier people. but if you are not vaccinated, the chances of being asymptomatic with the delta strain are low.

“It is hard to deny the facts and the data and our data shows that in hospitals in Jacksonville and across the united states, more than 90% of patients that are hospitalized are unvaccinated.”

As many hospitals require employees to get the vaccine, the mayor of Atlantic Beach is asking all first responders to do so.

“I do implore first responders who would have hesitated to get the vaccine to get it. whether their employer has mandated them to or not,” says Mayor Ellen Glasser.

The Mayor of Neptune Beach joined in the press conference asking everyone

while other leaders just ask everyone.. to do their part

“Please. get the vaccine. stop this pandemic. it’s the only way they can do it.”